1. Some Major Principles

10 Mar
  • To evaluate a politician, concentrate on his proposed budget… talk is cheap.
  • Beliefs are powerful and if rigid, often destructive. 
  • There are many fine doctors, lawyers, brokers, consultants, etc., but …
  • Choosing professional services requires a good understanding of self-interest.
  • If you want a surgical cure, see a surgeon, otherwise see someone else for a cure.
  • For most leaders, power corrupts.
  • Stories are not “proofs,” obviously, because there are almost as many stories as people
  • Doing well in this complex world requires an ability to do appropriate research 
  • Gather important information from a variety of sources.
  • Never occupy or try to change the political system of  a defeated country. 
  • Especially as you get older, what you eat has a profound effect on your health.
  • Learn how to negotiate in a calm and constructive way.
  • The basic principles of evolution can explain much more than just the development of life.

In future blogs, these and other principles will be discussed in depth and hopefully explained.

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