16 Mar

The principles of biological evolution can have a broad range of application to many areas. In future blogs I will talk much more about its application to powerful social groups.  What follows below, is a political application, and a “basic cause” for certain politics.

Any entity (definition: a thing with distinct and independent existence), such as a cohesive group, if sufficiently capable (or fit) will tend to increase in size and power. Groups of people, are governed by the same rules as biological species: survival of the fitist.  Very rich people form such a group and through their collective money and intelligence can increase the group wealth and power.  Remember, it  is likely in most cases that the very rich do have a burning desire (and often an obsession) to accumulate wealth.  And like most people, their personal desires may obscure the needs of others.

((Before continuing, I want to make clear that many very rich people have admirable goals and make positive contributions to society. I believe in responsible American-type Capitalism, and only find fault with extremes, and unethical manipulations of money and power.))

Lets look at an example of how the very-rich-group increases it wealth: Suppose you are running for office, and want to promote legislation beneficial to rich people, such as lowered high-end income and inheritance taxes and protection of subsidies for already wealthy corporations.

Would you tell the voters:  hey, I am rich, vote for me because I will promote rich values and ignore the rest of you.  Ordinary people would laugh at this.  To get votes from non-rich people, you need to divert and mislead them. The diversion usually takes the form of:

1. Vote for me because my party and I have higher moral values.
2. Give more money to the rich people so they can hire more workers.
3. Give more money to rich people so they can spend more and improve the economy for everyone.
4. Don’t increase tax for the “job creators”, because they will not be able to increase hiring.

Lets look at the basis for these arguements.
1. Many politicians say that they have higher moral values but in fact have just as many affairs and divorces, and corruption as others. To experience higher morality, one can turn to other sources, such as religious institutions.  They want you to think about morality, instead of what government really should provide: primarily, a strong economy with fairness and stability; safety and military protection. Morality is a diversion from what is important for you.

2. In the last 30 years, rich people have become more and more wealthy while the non-rich have stayed at a steady low level. The difference between the very rich and the rest of us has more than tripled. If making already very rich people richer would lead to higher employment we should currently have 100% employment.

3. There is no evidence that giving already very rich people more money, will cause them to spend enough more to make any difference.

4. Tax rates for the “job creators” are at a long term low.   So why don’t we have huge amounts of hiring?  It is also overlooked that most of the rich, so-called “job-creators”, don’t do hiring. Why should we indiscriminately give all rich people more money so that only a portion of them might increase hiring.   What makes more sense is to directly provide more money to people who actually do more hiring.

Finally, I would like to speak to governmental fairness, and its benefit to all persons. There is only so much money in a country. If rich people are getting far to much, then it is inevitable that the rest of us will get less: poorer services, less police protection, decreased Medicare coverage, higher taxes, etc. If you look at the proposed budgets of the Republicans, you can see that they DO shift more to the very rich through tax code changes.

When you create a large class of poor people, crime rates increase and the final effect is revolution. This can be seen in the Arab spring revolutions and the U.S. Occupy Wall Street movement.

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