9. Vote Democratic

28 Apr

After numerous discussions with some of my fellow citizens of Michigan, I feel compelled to explain, simply and clearly, why it is so necessary to vote Democratic.

1. The most important reason is that Republicans, if left alone, will transfer more and more wealth to the very rich — by decreasing their taxes, protecting tax loop holes, and by various lobying efforts that promote their operations. Consequently, the rest of us will have less money and services, and many people will become poor and desperate. The result will be greatly increased crime rates, disruptive organized protests, and even violent revolution. The very stabiltiy that conservatives want will be severely threatened. The policies of Republican leaders (against debt-limit increases, etc.) caused the lowering of U.S. credit rating, potentialy costing our country billions of dollars in higher interest rates.

2. Union people: When Republicans took over Wisconsin, the first thing they did was to attack the unions, teachers and other government workers. Everyone is familiar with the Wisconsin uprising and Governor recall effort. Under Republican rule, Wisconsin is the only state with a net loss in jobs over the last two years.

3.  Attack on women. Newly elected Republicans created legislation that attacked women’s rights to use contraception, have equal pay, and to have an abortion.

4.  The Paul Ryan (Republican) budget: It Provides less tax for very rich people, and in some cases more tax for non-rich people. This further increases the recent (last 20 or 25 years) great shift of wealth from non-rich to rich people. This trend if continued will lead to less money for middle-class needs, less support for Medicare and Social Security, increased national debt, and more power to corrupt legislation in favor of rich people. The Ryan budget has specific provisions that hurt the non-rich at all levels.  The budget was recently condemned by Catholic Bishops  because Christians are supposed to help poor people.

5.  Attack on local government to benefit rich people. In Michigan, our new Governor Rick Snyder and state Congress voted to allow the state to take over local government. This ruling has already been used to take prime recreational land away from non-rich people. This land is on our Western lake shores.

6.  Attack on Voting Rights. The fact is that there is very little voter fraud. Republicans claim this is a serious problem and people must show picture identification. This discriminates against poor people, many of which do not have such ID, and will be unable to vote.

7. In 2008, after years of Republican control, the country was near financial ruin caused by two prolonged wars, lowered taxes for rich, and wealthy greed. Investors played games (called derivatives) gambling on mortgage risk. Unaware investors (like me) were tricked into buying these securities, making lots of money for brokers and investment companies.  Republicans want to continue the same policies that brought on this recession.

8. Republicans mislead voters. Although Democrats are not perfect, what Republicans do is blatant and much worse. When Democrats and Obama proposed a small tax increase for rich people making over $250,000 per year, Republicans for many months accussed Dems. of wanting to raise taxes, implying a general tax increase. An ordinary person might think Obama wanted to raise his tax rather than bringing him the financial benefits of more rich tax income.

9. All Republican Congress persons signed the Grover Norquist Pledge to not increase taxes (particularly for Rich people), to not close tax loopholes, and to not end unnecessary subsidies for corporations. Democrats did not sign such a pledge and most are against these ideas and are in favor of a fair tax system, which does not favor the rich.

10. Democrats are simply more sensible and effective in foreign affairs. Republicans under G. Bush involved us in two hopeless wars costing thousands of lives and many billions of dollars.  The also alienated many potential nation allies.

11. The list of Obama Administration’s Achievements is way too long to include here,  and has been provided numerous times elsewhere.  Here are some internet lists: <http://obamaachievements.org/list&gt; <http://obamaachievements.org/&gt; <http://3chicspolitico.com/president-obamas-accomplishments/&gt;

Here is a list with references for each point: <http://simplifythepositive.blogspot.com/2010/03/100-accomplishments-of-president-barack.html&gt;

12.  One final thought — do we need leaders that feel is it more important to destroy Pres. Obama than to properly govern and improve our nation.

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