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1 Nov

History tells us that whether Democrats or Republicans are in office, makes little difference in the practice of religion or in other philosophical areas. The big difference for most of us is money and economic survival.

Republicans claim to be morally superior, but their most recent party leader and presidential candidate, exemplifies the distortion of moral principles and shows us what is really important. This person, when questioned on his low income tax, stated that anyone should use the most beneficial tax rules that he can.

To me, this indicates the type of government official that we would be putting in office. To heck with what is morally right, just get away with anything you can do legally, to make yourself and your buddies wealthier. Is this the kind of attitude we would want for a President? Would a very rich person, who has the success of our country as a top priority, hold on to income that in principle should be taxed, just to add more to his already overflowing bank accounts.

One more point. I believe in and practice capitalism — but whenever we talk about rich people and taxes, someone yells socialism. The fact is that for more than 20-30 years, rich people have had major, unfair tax breaks and congressional influence. This has greatly elevated the difference between the rich and non-rich. It is time to make up for this and give some breaks to the rest of us. Very rich people need to pay more because they use more resources, have more unfair influence, and have lawyers and accountants to give them advantages. And while a few poor people are lazy, most are not, and do have serious problems like huge medical expenses, being laid off due to bad economic conditions, or being unable to find work because of inexperience or inappropriate training. Of course, medical expense problems of the future — like over-limit and pre-existing conditions — are being solved by ObamaCare.