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25. Bernie Sanders’ Interpretation of “Socialism”

23 Aug

When Bernie Sanders calls himself a “Socialist”, his various statements on
the matter indicate the following interpretation.

Government should promote “social” programs that lead to a fair distribution
wealth. He does not say that capitalism or free enterprise should be abolished,
merely that they must be regulated to promote the economic concerns of non-rich people. This can be acomplished by a reversal of the taxation trend that
for years has been directing money away from the middle class and towards the
very rich; and by promoting programs such as Social Security and Medicare.
He does not say that enterprising people cannot acquire wealth.
It is the extremes and corrupt policies that must dealt with.

He points to the social successes of Scandinavian countries, which could be a
model for ourselves. Bernie’s ideas are not unusual and many Americans have
promoted similar thoughts. Critics have used certain strict definitions
of the term “socialist” to ridicule his ideas, but the specifics of what he advocates is the majority view.