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29. Hilary Clinton: Outstanding

23 Oct

After watching the recent Democratic debate and the House hearing on Benghazi, I saw a person who is articulate, logical, reasonable and in great control.  As I listened to her answers I was reminded of our past President Clinton, who I thought was one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

I admit that for a while I was enchanted with Bernie Sanders because I loved his message.  At first I thought he became a candidate to emphasize a point, but as his popularity increased I began to take his candidacy seriously.  After the two events mentioned above, however, I tend to favor Hilary because she seems most competent, knowledgable and strong. Even her emotion was balanced and appropriate.  She laughed when Republican Martha Roby asked her if she slept alone (all night) on the night of the event.  She was slightly annoyed, angry, amused, tired, happy, ernest, patient, and mostly calm.  Her strength over the 11 hours of badgering during the House hearing, is amazing.

Bernie has provided a wonderful service in pushing the entire party more to the left, forging a path towards real economic equality.  I now have restored my original analysis of Bernie’s candidacy, someone who is trying to shift policy and emphasize his (great) ideas.  But I think that Clinton, if nominated, is more likely than Sanders to win the presidential election.



28. Bernie Sanders on the Mark

11 Oct

The best political interview I have heard recently, is Bernie Sanders appearance (Oct 11, 2015) on Meet the Press. He made real and intelligent answers to the questions, rather than the typical avoidant “speech”.  He has a long history of supporting legislation that advances the economic goals of the American non-rich. His arguments are clear and sound — and reflect the views of most Americans. The long history of consistent viewpoints proves his sincerity.

He would be a shoe-in for the nomination if he looked a little more “presidential”, and was a little younger. I think all of the major Democratic contenders would make good presidents. But maybe a relative newcomer like O’Malley would be more likely elected, because he has the right “look” and voice. When Sanders became a candidate, I thought he would be popular, but could not be elected. But given the polling, perhaps he has a chance. If actually elected he might be more likely to succeed in his “progressive” agenda; than the others. I was wrong before: I instantly liked Obama, but at first thought he could never achieve the office.