35. POTUS Proud

13 Jan

After tonights State of the Union Address by President Obama, I have solidified my feeling that he probably is the best U.S. President ever.  And the Republican response by Gov. Nikki Haley was wrong in certain ways, but so much more sensible and rational than most other recent GOP rhetoric.

Obama has some major accomplishments like: saving the auto industry, treaties, Cuban diplomacy, stimulus package, war strategies, immigration executive orders, etc. And he has kept the country stable and productive in the face of some of the worst problems ever faced by a President. But what puts him at the top is that his substantial accomplishments were made despite the extreme negativity and often hatred by his opponents. It used to be that the party not in office showed some respect, and would not interfere with foreign policy. Republicans blocked good legislation just to make him look bad, and would not vote on candidates for government and judicial appointments. Even when he has tried to implement Republican ideas, he has been critisized for this. Obama has succeeded despite the lies, ridicule, and legislation blockages by the GOP.

Obama is often critisized for being “timid”, ignoring serious dangers, or lacking drama in dealing with problems. Personally, I like his style of calm and thoughful decision making, which is the most important thing in running a country.  I don’t need inspiration or drama, I need good decisions — and that is what he provides.

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