40. Hindu NASA Astronaut

6 Feb

I just read a most amazing biography (in Wikipedia) of an American woman who is one of the most successful and productive of all USA citizens. She was born in Ohio of a Hindu Indian father and a lady with Slovenian ancestors.  She is not a Christian, and believes in a Hindu God.  Her name is Sunita Lyn “Suni” Williams, born in Euclid, Ohio, 1965.

As I read her biography I was impressed by her great success as part of USA Naval and NASA programs. She was a naval test pilot for many years, had four astronaut space missions and in the last mission was Commander of the entire international station. She has a record of nine honors and awards including space flight medals from NASA and Russia and a National Defense Service Medal (USA).

Now here is my main point, aside from my admiration for this person, I wonder how Donald Trump and other adamant Christian candidates would feel about this Hindu, not pure-white lady with a recent immigrant father. If she ran for President as a Democrat, would Trump be a “birther” for her and claim she is an Indian and not an American. If Ben Carson (who would not allow a Muslim born in America to be President), were head of NASA, would he have allowed her to be an Astronaut and commander of a space station? If an Indian person became a terrorist, would Trump try to prevent all Indians from entering our country until he figured out “what in the Hell” is going on?

This wonderful NASA astronaut recently made an amazing video of the inside of the International Space Station (htts://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doN4t5NKW-k).   It is sad that everyone in this country cannot accept and appreciate “foreigners”.

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