45. Trump as “Statesman”?

19 Feb

Donald Trump lost a great opportunity to act like a statesman, which is a skill we expect for a President. The issue is the way Trump responded to the Pope’s negative remark about the wall. He immediately interpreted the remark incorrectly and made a childish rebuke. And further more, the rebuke tells you a lot about billionaire Trump’s real values.

Here are the key quotes:
Pope: “A person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

Trump: “for a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.” And then he said: Mexico leaders were “using the Pope as a pawn.

A real statesman is very careful to find out exactly what was said and responds accordingly. The pope did not say that Trump was not a Christian, and he did not question his faith. The words were “not Christian”, not “not a Christian.” He did not state, but only implied that Trump was not acting in a Christian way.

Trump lost a wonderful opportunity to say that: he agrees with the general idea that building bridges is better than building walls, but particularly in this age of terrorism, we need to pay more attention to our borders.  This simple response would have been good for both parties and would have established Trump as a reasonable and thoughtful person.  Of course, he would have lost some of his crazy fans.

But he did not even think of this because his foreign policy is more about beating down the enemy, than it is about “building bridges.” Ultimately, fostering alliances is more powerful than killing people. There is no question that ISIS must be eliminated, but impulsive and excessive force can create a new enemy for every presumed terrorist (or civilian) killed.

While we are discussing Trump’s Christianity, I have to point out the following unchristian policies. First,  a good Christian supports poor people. But, he favors the paltry $7.25 minimum wage.  His proposed budget lowers taxes for rich people and raises taxes for many of the non-rich. He wants to abolish the inheritance tax even though, only amounts over $5.4 million are taxed. He was born rich, his friends are rich, and he owns businesses that employ thousands of working people. Improving their income takes money away from him.  He advocates torture worse than water-boarding.  Mexicans, and Muslim USA citizens, watch out.  He is against the ACA, but offers no replacement plan for millions who would be medically uninsured.  If you study the teachings of Christ, you will see that Trump is at odds with most.

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