47. A Republican Policy of Revenge

6 Mar

According to a Republican candidate, it is important for our agents to use serious torture in interrogating possible terrorists. We must do this to get revenge for the beheading of our citizens that were kidnaped by ISIS.  Of course ISIS would claim that they are getting revenge for what we did to Muslim captives at the Abu Ghraib prison. (More gruesome photos of this were just released.)

So we must think up tortures even more horrible than beheadings if we want discourage them and teach them a lesson. And when they find out what we are doing, they will make a real effort to capture more Westerners and do things that are even worse. I am sure we will end up with public whippings or worse by both parties, and the newspapers will be filled with horrible pictures of what we have done to terrorists and people only suspected of being terrorists. And because in some cases, family members of terrorists had some involvement, we must also torture them.

I wonder how the people of more peaceful nations would feel about this escalation of brutality. Maybe they would not want to have alliances with us or trade with us. Or, they might not even send tourists here because if they were arrested for some minor offense, they might be subject to horrific interrogations.

So an escalating “tit for tat” will be the new policy, with each side devising more horrid procedures in an attempt to intimidate the other side. This will take the place of President Obama’s ridiculous plan to do the right thing, set high ethical standards, and follow widely accepted international laws.  And completely ignored is the general finding that advanced interrogations without torture are more effective.

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