65. Hillary Deserves Your Trust

8 Aug

I spend many hours listening to presidential election news programs and searching the Internet for information.  I am continually annoyed at how simple facts become unnecessarily complicated and confused. The commentators, reporters, the candidates, and others appear to be either poorly informed or to express themselves poorly on camera.   The reporting on Hillary Clinton seems to be particularly egregious.  So, here are some very important issues fully and clearly expressed in simple terms.

Hillary Emails:
She repeatedly said, in every situation, that she did NOT send any emails marked as classified. Also, investigations showed that her email system was never hacked, but that the Department of State email system was hacked.

FBI director Comey said that three of 30,000 emails sent were classified. But he did agree that they were incorrectly marked because they were missing the classification banner at the top of the page.

So Comey, in effect, agreed that Hillary did not send any properly marked emails.

Comey, historically a Republican, also said that she was truthful in his official interview of her.

End of story. These are the only pertinent facts. You can confirm all this by reading transcripts of relevant testimony. It is a mistake to form an opinion solely based upon biased political speeches.

Hillary and Benghazi tragedy:
She was subjected to eight expensive and time-consuming investigations that did not result in a finding of wrongdoing.

There were no lies told, only one change in early interpretations as facts developed.

The U.S. ambassador was a heroic diplomat who made a decision to enter a dangerous war-zone to conduct important business. To blame Hillary for his death would be like blaming President Bush for all the U.S. soldiers killed in battle while he was in office.

The primary protection for any embassy is provided by the local forces and not US troops.  The actual number of embassy guards was determined by lower officers and not the Secretary of State.

Republican House speaker-in-waiting, Kevin McCarthy, by mistake indicated a political reason for repeated congressional inquiries. The political error was so serious that he had to withdraw from consideration.

Contributions to Hillary campaign
It is true that the Hillary campaign took contributions from very rich donors, and that she has spoken to Wall Street organizations for fees. You could conclude that she would alter her policies to support the goals of these wealthy parties. Here is why that would not happen. She clearly receives more money from progressive Democrats so that there is more motivation to support their ideas. Further, the U.S. President is surrounded by the Secret Service, cabinet members, White-House staff, etc and is under constant observation. To secretly support any rich donor would be virtually impossible. Hillary Clinton has a long consistent history of helping people and supporting middle class needs. She never changed her mind about this basis goal. This is in stark contrast with Trump whose history only includes clever methods of making money for himself; often to the detriment of others.

Hillary is a decent reasonable person that some people mistrust, only because of a massive character assassination by the opposing Republican party. After her two terms in the Senate and being Secretary of state, her ratings by the people were very high — around 68%.

2 Responses to “65. Hillary Deserves Your Trust”

  1. Invisible Mikey August 8, 2016 at 2:48 am #

    I agree with your assessment of her behavior on Benghazi. The problem about her latest statement referencing Comey and the emails is that she implies things he didn’t actually say. He said there wasn’t enough evidence to support criminal charges, which is not an affirmation of innocence, and she spun it as if he was supporting her behavior affirmatively. That’s not a lie as much as a “weasel”, but it still comes across as evasion.

    And she flat-out lied about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. It simply didn’t happen. I really dislike having to vote for her just to prevent WWIII, but sometimes you have to undertake regretful duties and vote more against someone than for someone.

  2. Richard August 8, 2016 at 1:01 pm #

    Thank you for your comments and interest in my Blog.
    Regarding FBI Director Comey and the emails, I agree that he did not actually say that she was truthful. Her repeated and consistent statement was: I did not send any email marked as classified. Now, if you simply add “properly” to “marked as classified”, which is reasonable, Comey could have concluded that she was truthful, since the three (of 30,000) emails in question were missing the required heading. Maybe Comey did not state this conclusion because deep-down in his heart his is still a Republican. And maybe for the same reason, he stated that Hillary was extremely careless without any baseline: no data on email errors made by other Secretaries of State and other high officials. Maybe she was actually less careless than Condoleezza Rice?
    Regarding the 1996 sniper fire in Bosnia, Hillary said “I remember landing under sniper fire.” She did not state it as a fact, but as a memory, and memories can be affected by fear. I do not think this possible error has any bearing on her potential performance as President. In an entire lifetime, anyone can be expected to make a few mistakes. This is nothing compared to the many very-serious errors that Trump has made, such as: his infatuation with Putin, his apparent approval of the Russian take-over of Crimea, his fraudulent Trump University, and his disregard for NATO allies.
    Looking at Hillary’s entire career of helping people, her great endorsements, and all of the arguments mentioned in my blogs, I am voting for Hillary because she will be a good President (not perfect), whereas Trump’s record, thus far, indicates he would be a disaster, both in foreign policy and in dealing with our economy.

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