71. Tic Tacs Sink Trump

18 Oct
In his recent Access Hollywood “locker-room” video,  as he was getting off the bus,  he said:  “I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her.”  If this was only “talk” why would be be taking Tic Tac  breath mints.  Obviously he was preparing for action.
“Trumpies” argue that this was only talk and he never does anything to women  without permission.  They claim a conspiracy because all the women came forward  at one time and not when the assault happened.  But the fact is that no woman  wanted to be the first Trump attacker, because he is so vengeful and might bring a  lawsuit or destroy her life in another way.   But once the tape appeared and a couple of women came forward it became much safer and so many other abused women  joined in.
When I was in college, I had some friends that were “playboys” and very active  with women.  And at the age of 21 or so, we engaged in some nasty talk.  But  frankly, discussion never went as far as Trump did.  He actually described his attack methods. And consider that he was 59 years old at the time of this recent incident.  As of this writing, nine women have come forward with stories of inappropriate sexual behavior. Given all these facts, he cannot squirm out of this one.  There is a recording and a confirmation by Trump that the tape was valid.
Regarding Bill Clinton, there is absolutely no evidence that he assaulted, abused,  or harassed any women.  And remember that it is Hillary and not Bill who is  currently running for office.  It is clear that Hillary was upset by what Bill did, he  apologized many times, and she stayed with him.  And why not, he loved her, provided a good home, was a good father, and did very worthy things. Most  attractive, healthy, powerful and successful men have had “flirtations” outside of  marriage.  I would agree that it is not “right”, but it is commonplace, and does not  affect the judgment required for high office.
Hillary has shown great strength in dealing with all the abuse that Republican  leaders  and a biased Republican FBI director have leveled at her.  She will do a  good job as President,  while Trump could well create disasters for our country.

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