74. Best Hillary Endorsement

2 Nov
Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, has received numerous excellent endorsements.  To name only a few endorsers:  President and Mrs. Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and even ex-President Bush may be voting for her.  And all the major endorsers have done so with enthusiasm. (Most of Trump’s endorsements by elected officials were apathetic.)
But to me, the most impressive and meaningful endorsement comes from an unlikely source. In an interview by Rachel Maddow, Libertarian Party Vice President candidate Bill Weld says “She deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the DNC, so I’m here to do that.” An endorsement from a competing party candidate is remarkable. He also says that the FBI examination of her emails is “incomprehensible and there’s nothing there”.  When I first saw an interview of the Libertarian candidates, I felt that Bill Weld was the more capable of the two.
Furthermore, regarding the release of Comey’s investigation information, Weld says:  “I have on my former Justice Department hat. And I’m outraged by what’s going on here because it’s such a violation of Justice Department policies [and] procedures.”  This is wonderful support for Hillary and justly accuses Director Comey of electioneering.
I have followed the entire career of Hillary Clinton and fully trust her to do a good job as President.   None of the accusations made by Republicans has merit — it’s all distortions of unfortunate events and normal mistakes that anyone would make.  You could look at the life of any Republican leader in great detail and find actions that can be interpreted in a sinister way.  And what great strength is shown by Hillary in fending off all the insults and running a very vigorous campaign.

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