75. Reflections on the Elections

3 Nov
The following are some of my election concerns that have not been included or were not appropriate for recent blogs.  Frankly, in my entire long life, I have never seen such a bizarre and uncivil election process.  Here are the concerns:
(Just added)  The utility industry is sabotaging solar panel usage, costing tax payers money, promoting pollution, eliminating panel jobs, and thwarting clean-energy progress.  A good source of info on this is Forbes.com, search: sabotage of solar panel usage.  Nevada and Florida are some areas affected. Please vote for candidates like Clinton that recognize the importance of clean energy.
Many of us are concerned that the election process is too long, too expensive, and there is not enough effort to discuss issues of real importance, and in sufficient detail.  I totally support the press, but sometimes they contribute to election problems by emphasizing trivia and neglecting substance. There is also a justified fear in asking tough questions of certain macho male candidates.  It is also a sad fact that reporters make too many mistakes and report unsubstantiated info as if facts.  But any solution to this problem may affect their freedom, and we definitely need them.
The original writers of the constitution were aware that many citizens do not have the intelligence to make good voting decisions.  Unfortunately this is still true today.  So they developed the electoral college so that more substantial citizens could make the final decisions.  But the current procedure no longer works well and is maintained by those who find it advantageous.
Traditional “debating” is a contest with simple rules designed to determine a winner.  But for elections, we need something much more constructive. The current rules of debates are not adequate for really explaining positions and their basis; and inadequate to immediately evaluate the veracity of a statement.  Use of brief video clips to prove a point could help.  In this remarkable age of the Internet, why are the participants and moderator unable to flash a quote and its source on a screen.  A plan, such as a budget,  could be summarized on a screen and the debaters could reference the screen in their discussion.
The greatest voter error stems from the belief that one political party is always right and candidates must be affiliated with that party.   Many Republicans chose Trump as the great “changer” when the ideas of Bernie Sanders were most applicable.
Pres. Obama has done a remarkable job in improving our country. Republicans by their own admission have done everything they could to destroy his effectiveness in office.  In spite of this, when he took charge, unemployment was about 10% and has decreased to about 5%.  The markets are now way up. Although “ObamaCare” is not perfect, 15 million more people now have insurance coverage.  Much more positive info is discussed in my previous blogs.  Also see:  http://www.factcheck.org/2016/07/obamas-numbers-july-2016-update/
Given the incredible amount of scrutiny that Hillary was subjected to, it is amazing how little of negative substance was found.  She is much less flawed than other politicians.  Everything negative is either political only, untrue, trivial, or simply the kind of mistake that an ordinary person would make.
Hillary has been very successful at making money.  So what?  Most intelligent people are successful in that way.  There is absolutely no proof that any paid endeavor has affected her policy decisions.  She has been transparent and released her income tax returns for many years.
When Republican FBI director Comey said that Hillary was “extremely careless”, what baseline was used? What population was she compared to.  Was anyone else in a similar position, ever scrutinized to the extent of Hillary ??  Three minor email errors out of more than 30,000 may actually be a very good performance.  Also note, the emails in question were missing the classification banner at top of page. There is no evidence that there was hacking of her emails.  The recent letter by Dir. Comey to Congress regarding Hillary email investigation, just a few days before the election, certainly is highly inappropriate and possibly illegal under the Hatch Act.  The excuse is that the investigation would have been leaked anyway.  NOT a good argument, because an official letter is taken much more seriously than a rumor, and can be much more damaging.
For those who think Hillary will not be progressive enough, if she is elected, I am sure that she will be consulting with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pres. and Mrs Obama, and many others.  She will provide a reasonable government and, if possible, effective changes.
Trump accused Hillary of 30 years of no progress in any area.  Apparently, he is unaware that almost all major military decisions are made by the President, and that almost all domestic issues are legislated by the Congress.  The Secretary of State provides information and opinions, is in charge of embassies and related, but does not make important national  decisions.  Trump also seems unaware that while Hillary was a Senator, she only had one vote.  Also see web site:
and others sites.

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