149. Waiting is Futile, Impeach Now

23 Feb

What triggered this blog was a re-examination of a past allegedly-corrupt prosecution by Sec. of Labor Alex Acosta, just reported yesterday. In 2008, Acosta was a Florida prosecutor in the case of Jeff Epstein, a billionaire and friend of Trump. Epstein was accused of sex trafficking and other offenses. The problem for Prosecutor Acosta was that he negotiated a very light sentence for many serious crimes, and kept the process unlawfully secret. No meaningful reason was given for the very light sentence.

So, here we have yet another corrupt person in the Trump gov. We must begin impeachment proceeding in the House, right now. Every day our President is in power we risk more damage to our country. Here are the factors to consider.

There is already plenty of evidence for high crimes. The constitution does not define “crimes,” so it is anything that congress decides. In previous Blogs, I have listed all of the criminal acts that this President has committed. His staff and cabinet consist of criminal, corrupt, and unprincipled persons. The definitions of “crimes” in the USA gov and states varies and so there is flexibility.

Waiting for the Special Council Mueller Report is pointless because it may not be made available to Congress (let alone the public) without serious alterations. Eventually, the original text will probably be leaked, but we cannot wait for this. As I understand it, the report will provide facts, but not recommendations for prosecution  or impeachment. It is possible that the report will not add much to the great deal of info already known, and may lead to more unproductive discussion and delay.

Maybe this is most important. Some argue that impeachment is futile because the Republican Senate will never convict. There are two points here: (1) impeachment even without conviction, will tell the world that the President does not really represent the USA and (2) there is a good chance that when a Republican Senator can actually vote to convict and be rid of this dangerous influence, he/she might feel freed to act!  It’s like selling something, if you have cash available right now, you can tempt the buyer. Once Trump is impeached, convicted, and out of office, he can no longer be a danger to them. Senators will be afraid right up to the time when with a simple word, they can be rid of him forever. The time of the conviction vote will be seen as a new dawn.

  Any Senator might be tempted to vote impeachment conviction

Some might not want Trump to resign because Mike Pence would take over. My conclusion is that no one could be as bad as Trump. Also, Pence would not be a crowd pleaser like Trump, and he represents the establishment. So he would not have the same power or appeal to the “base.”

Here is another thought.  The President might resign if he could in some way be assured that he will never be prosecuted for past crimes. He does not really seem to be comfortable in office, with all the bad press and investigations. He might just be hanging on to avoid the many post-presidency prosecutions that have been threatened.



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