158. Trump Versus Obama

29 Mar

On many occasions I have seen Trump motivated to compete and beat Barack Obama. For Trump it is like TV ratings. He was always comparing himself with others. I have decided it is time to make a comparison to see who really wins. (Trump in blue.)

Obama: Won the electoral college and popular vote. Trump: Only won the electoral college and by a small margin. He lost the popular vote by almost 3-million.

Obama: awarded a Nobel Prize and Profile in Courage Award.   Trump Nothing

Obama: Doctor of Law degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard, President of Harvard Law Review.   Trump only a BS. In economics, Wharton School  

Obama: Large inauguration crowd.   Trump much smaller.  (This was supported by photographic evidence.)

Obama: supported Climate Change efforts.    Trump ignored

Obama: good relations with our traditional allies.   Trump attacked allies

Obama: recognized N. Korea as danger.   Trump was beaten by Kim in negotiations

Obama: small and ordinary turn-over in staff.  Trump large turnover.

Obama: stock market continuously rose over 8 years in office. Trump merely continued the trend.

Obama: good family man, no female accusations.  Trump: 23 accusations

Obama: staff respected him.     Trump was called names like “moron.”

Obama: Never went bankrupt, never seriously investigated, never lost a fraud case. Trump: all of the above

Obama: Long history of service to country and support of non-rich. Trump has long history of lawsuits and corruption, like Trump University. Favors the rich.

Obama: a few understandable mistakes.  Trump: thousands of lies.

Obama: always considered to be of sound mind. Trump childish, narcissistic, forgetful

Obama: provided his Tax returns.    Trump did not.

Obama: punished or ignored tyrants like Kim of N. Korea.  Trump said he loves Kim and that he admires several tyrants. He likes the way they control the people.

Obama: no serious discussions of impeachment.   Trump: many dedicated to impeachment movement.

Obama wins. I could add many more comparisons, but they would be less clear-cut. I am sure if a Republican made a similar list it would lean the other way, but that’s politics.

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