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28. Bernie Sanders on the Mark

11 Oct

The best political interview I have heard recently, is Bernie Sanders appearance (Oct 11, 2015) on Meet the Press. He made real and intelligent answers to the questions, rather than the typical avoidant “speech”. ┬áHe has a long history of supporting legislation that advances the economic goals of the American non-rich. His arguments are clear and sound — and reflect the views of most Americans. The long history of consistent viewpoints proves his sincerity.

He would be a shoe-in for the nomination if he looked a little more “presidential”, and was a little younger. I think all of the major Democratic contenders would make good presidents. But maybe a relative newcomer like O’Malley would be more likely elected, because he has the right “look” and voice. When Sanders became a candidate, I thought he would be popular, but could not be elected. But given the polling, perhaps he has a chance. If actually elected he might be more likely to succeed in his “progressive” agenda; than the others. I was wrong before: I instantly liked Obama, but at first thought he could never achieve the office.