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75. Reflections on the Elections

3 Nov
The following are some of my election concerns that have not been included or were not appropriate for recent blogs.  Frankly, in my entire long life, I have never seen such a bizarre and uncivil election process.  Here are the concerns:
(Just added)  The utility industry is sabotaging solar panel usage, costing tax payers money, promoting pollution, eliminating panel jobs, and thwarting clean-energy progress.  A good source of info on this is Forbes.com, search: sabotage of solar panel usage.  Nevada and Florida are some areas affected. Please vote for candidates like Clinton that recognize the importance of clean energy.
Many of us are concerned that the election process is too long, too expensive, and there is not enough effort to discuss issues of real importance, and in sufficient detail.  I totally support the press, but sometimes they contribute to election problems by emphasizing trivia and neglecting substance. There is also a justified fear in asking tough questions of certain macho male candidates.  It is also a sad fact that reporters make too many mistakes and report unsubstantiated info as if facts.  But any solution to this problem may affect their freedom, and we definitely need them.
The original writers of the constitution were aware that many citizens do not have the intelligence to make good voting decisions.  Unfortunately this is still true today.  So they developed the electoral college so that more substantial citizens could make the final decisions.  But the current procedure no longer works well and is maintained by those who find it advantageous.
Traditional “debating” is a contest with simple rules designed to determine a winner.  But for elections, we need something much more constructive. The current rules of debates are not adequate for really explaining positions and their basis; and inadequate to immediately evaluate the veracity of a statement.  Use of brief video clips to prove a point could help.  In this remarkable age of the Internet, why are the participants and moderator unable to flash a quote and its source on a screen.  A plan, such as a budget,  could be summarized on a screen and the debaters could reference the screen in their discussion.
The greatest voter error stems from the belief that one political party is always right and candidates must be affiliated with that party.   Many Republicans chose Trump as the great “changer” when the ideas of Bernie Sanders were most applicable.
Pres. Obama has done a remarkable job in improving our country. Republicans by their own admission have done everything they could to destroy his effectiveness in office.  In spite of this, when he took charge, unemployment was about 10% and has decreased to about 5%.  The markets are now way up. Although “ObamaCare” is not perfect, 15 million more people now have insurance coverage.  Much more positive info is discussed in my previous blogs.  Also see:  http://www.factcheck.org/2016/07/obamas-numbers-july-2016-update/
Given the incredible amount of scrutiny that Hillary was subjected to, it is amazing how little of negative substance was found.  She is much less flawed than other politicians.  Everything negative is either political only, untrue, trivial, or simply the kind of mistake that an ordinary person would make.
Hillary has been very successful at making money.  So what?  Most intelligent people are successful in that way.  There is absolutely no proof that any paid endeavor has affected her policy decisions.  She has been transparent and released her income tax returns for many years.
When Republican FBI director Comey said that Hillary was “extremely careless”, what baseline was used? What population was she compared to.  Was anyone else in a similar position, ever scrutinized to the extent of Hillary ??  Three minor email errors out of more than 30,000 may actually be a very good performance.  Also note, the emails in question were missing the classification banner at top of page. There is no evidence that there was hacking of her emails.  The recent letter by Dir. Comey to Congress regarding Hillary email investigation, just a few days before the election, certainly is highly inappropriate and possibly illegal under the Hatch Act.  The excuse is that the investigation would have been leaked anyway.  NOT a good argument, because an official letter is taken much more seriously than a rumor, and can be much more damaging.
For those who think Hillary will not be progressive enough, if she is elected, I am sure that she will be consulting with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pres. and Mrs Obama, and many others.  She will provide a reasonable government and, if possible, effective changes.
Trump accused Hillary of 30 years of no progress in any area.  Apparently, he is unaware that almost all major military decisions are made by the President, and that almost all domestic issues are legislated by the Congress.  The Secretary of State provides information and opinions, is in charge of embassies and related, but does not make important national  decisions.  Trump also seems unaware that while Hillary was a Senator, she only had one vote.  Also see web site:
and others sites.

74. Best Hillary Endorsement

2 Nov
Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, has received numerous excellent endorsements.  To name only a few endorsers:  President and Mrs. Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and even ex-President Bush may be voting for her.  And all the major endorsers have done so with enthusiasm. (Most of Trump’s endorsements by elected officials were apathetic.)
But to me, the most impressive and meaningful endorsement comes from an unlikely source. In an interview by Rachel Maddow, Libertarian Party Vice President candidate Bill Weld says “She deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the DNC, so I’m here to do that.” An endorsement from a competing party candidate is remarkable. He also says that the FBI examination of her emails is “incomprehensible and there’s nothing there”.  When I first saw an interview of the Libertarian candidates, I felt that Bill Weld was the more capable of the two.
Furthermore, regarding the release of Comey’s investigation information, Weld says:  “I have on my former Justice Department hat. And I’m outraged by what’s going on here because it’s such a violation of Justice Department policies [and] procedures.”  This is wonderful support for Hillary and justly accuses Director Comey of electioneering.
I have followed the entire career of Hillary Clinton and fully trust her to do a good job as President.   None of the accusations made by Republicans has merit — it’s all distortions of unfortunate events and normal mistakes that anyone would make.  You could look at the life of any Republican leader in great detail and find actions that can be interpreted in a sinister way.  And what great strength is shown by Hillary in fending off all the insults and running a very vigorous campaign.

73. Candidate Lies

30 Oct
Political lies are very important, but this issue is complicated.  When a statement is made, it could be true.   If false, it could be a purposeful lie or a simple mistake without an agenda.  What if the person made an incorrect assertion, but it was based on false information from another party? What if the statement was only about a trivial matter, and true or false is not worth discussing. Is the history and affiliations of the speaker relevant to evaluating the current statement?  Was this a private statement or was it  meant for  the public?
Most people have a belief system, and will evaluate a statement based on their beliefs. For example, people who have known Hillary Clinton for many years, and based on their beliefs, think she rarely if ever lies, but being human she will occasionally make mistakes or exaggerations. I think she is very concerned about her reputation and is careful about her facts. People who just don’t like her will interpret much of what she says in a sinister way, when alternate good ways are ignored.  In judging lies, it is important to look at a person’s goals, orientations, and history.  A long reputation for telling the truth and a concern for accurate speech should be considered when judging any single statement.  And of course, a long reputation for incorrect speech, should be relevant.
A more objective approach is a rating such as one by Politifact.  Their method of rating “True”, “Mostly-True”, “Half-True” etc. is useful, but not always the final story.  We should be most interested in a category that I will call “significant lies”.  A significant lie is one in which an important fact is purposely changed to prove a point of concern for the liar.  For example, Trump said that the Iran Nuclear Deal accomplished nothing.  This statement is about an important fact, it was likely purposely changed, and it is related to the agenda of proving that Pres. Obama is a poor negotiator.  Significant lies have some bearing on presidential performance, whereas ordinary mistakes or exaggerations have no sinister intent and should not be of concern.  Hillary “recalled” that she once dodged bullets after exiting a plane. In fact, she was only very frightened of that possibility and her recollection was faulty, but not a significant lie.
Trump obviously tells many significant lies, but we often don’t know if he is actually lying, mistaken, guessing, hoping, just ignorant, senile, or lacks sleep. Saying that our military is very deficient is one such lie.  Generally, he does not seem to understand that Congress makes most major decisions, so a major goal for the president is to be able to convince them of things.
In the end, reliable evaluations such as “lies-versus-mistakes” are difficult and often impossible.  Intent is critical, but we can never know for certain what someone is thinking.  We can only: present examples of statements, make judgments, explain our logic, detail evidence, and draw a conclusion.  The reader, of course, will look at a speech and draw his own conclusions, based on his history and beliefs.

69. The “Deplorable” Fans of Trump

13 Sep

The Google definition of “deplorable” is: “Disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable”. Hillary stated: “half of Trump’s supporters belong in the basket of deplorables.” I applaud her for her courage. Most of the press seems to be afraid to really challenge him.

Trump’s response is that she called American voters deplorable. NO! only HIS supporters, and not all of them (at first “half” and then “some”). My speculation is that his original core membership was the deplorables, then later, others joined in simply to get on the bandwagon.

She clarified: They are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.” David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard is a Trump supporter, and well qualified to be called deplorable.

How can it be wrong to say that if a candidate, like Trump, has established deplorable characteristics, then at least many of his supporters have the same traits — and he does give them encouragement (see rally speeches).

Is Trump deplorable? Examine these facts, which are supported by words in his speeches. He has insulted women, Mexicans, NATO allies, Muslim nation allies, many Republican leaders, disabled people, our military, and others. His emphasis is on revenge rather than on making productive alliances. He believes in violence and torture more extreme that water-boarding. Regarding “terrorists, you have to take out their families.” All his plans for the country are vague and most are either obvious or impossible. As for military plans, he will to consult with the generals — a brilliant idea that no previous president has thought of.

Recent polls on Trump supporters show that a third or more of them believe that whites are superior to blacks, in many different ways.

Nothing above is an exaggeration. Of course Trump, after reviewing all of his gaffs, backed off a little from the worst, but NEVER apologized for any. In fact, he has changed his mind on so many issues that it is amazing that anyone who reads could support him. On the other hand, Hillary has gone overboard to apologize for several remarks — a sign of her better attitude and effort to be responsible.

65. Hillary Deserves Your Trust

8 Aug

I spend many hours listening to presidential election news programs and searching the Internet for information.  I am continually annoyed at how simple facts become unnecessarily complicated and confused. The commentators, reporters, the candidates, and others appear to be either poorly informed or to express themselves poorly on camera.   The reporting on Hillary Clinton seems to be particularly egregious.  So, here are some very important issues fully and clearly expressed in simple terms.

Hillary Emails:
She repeatedly said, in every situation, that she did NOT send any emails marked as classified. Also, investigations showed that her email system was never hacked, but that the Department of State email system was hacked.

FBI director Comey said that three of 30,000 emails sent were classified. But he did agree that they were incorrectly marked because they were missing the classification banner at the top of the page.

So Comey, in effect, agreed that Hillary did not send any properly marked emails.

Comey, historically a Republican, also said that she was truthful in his official interview of her.

End of story. These are the only pertinent facts. You can confirm all this by reading transcripts of relevant testimony. It is a mistake to form an opinion solely based upon biased political speeches.

Hillary and Benghazi tragedy:
She was subjected to eight expensive and time-consuming investigations that did not result in a finding of wrongdoing.

There were no lies told, only one change in early interpretations as facts developed.

The U.S. ambassador was a heroic diplomat who made a decision to enter a dangerous war-zone to conduct important business. To blame Hillary for his death would be like blaming President Bush for all the U.S. soldiers killed in battle while he was in office.

The primary protection for any embassy is provided by the local forces and not US troops.  The actual number of embassy guards was determined by lower officers and not the Secretary of State.

Republican House speaker-in-waiting, Kevin McCarthy, by mistake indicated a political reason for repeated congressional inquiries. The political error was so serious that he had to withdraw from consideration.

Contributions to Hillary campaign
It is true that the Hillary campaign took contributions from very rich donors, and that she has spoken to Wall Street organizations for fees. You could conclude that she would alter her policies to support the goals of these wealthy parties. Here is why that would not happen. She clearly receives more money from progressive Democrats so that there is more motivation to support their ideas. Further, the U.S. President is surrounded by the Secret Service, cabinet members, White-House staff, etc and is under constant observation. To secretly support any rich donor would be virtually impossible. Hillary Clinton has a long consistent history of helping people and supporting middle class needs. She never changed her mind about this basis goal. This is in stark contrast with Trump whose history only includes clever methods of making money for himself; often to the detriment of others.

Hillary is a decent reasonable person that some people mistrust, only because of a massive character assassination by the opposing Republican party. After her two terms in the Senate and being Secretary of state, her ratings by the people were very high — around 68%.

63. GOP Dedicated to Destroy

29 Jul

This is a commentary about some recent presidential election events and issues.

The Republicans have been dedicated to destroying many things, but most horrible is their abuse of Hillary Clinton since she started running for President. Not many complaints before that!

Can you imagine several years when all leaders of a major party were dedicated to telling vicious destructive lies about you to ruin your reputation; and their staff searching every minor detail of your life, then exaggerating and lying about everything they could find. This history is a tribute to the strength and tenacity that Hillary possesses. I have examined every accusation against her, and like most of those well-informed have concluded, nothing is there except for a few minor mistakes that ordinary intelligent people would make. What if Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, etc. were subjected to such intense examination, and someone exaggerated their mistakes. We know what happened to Donald Trump — thousands of really bad things were found — no exaggeration needed.

Michelle Obama’s speech was spectacular. All Democrats loved it.

Doug Elmets, who had been a speech-writer and advocate for President Reagan supports Hillary because Trump is “petulant” and “dangerously unbalanced.”

Bill Clinton’s speech last night was marvelous and I totally enjoyed his account of his courtship of Hillary. Despite a past conflict, it is so apparent he and Hillary have adored each other over the vast majority of their lives. He made a wonderful case for her lifelong efforts to help less fortunate people and her sincere interest in progressive ideas.

After the speech of President Obama, Hillary showed some genuine love for him. The look of gratitude and adoration on her face could not be faked and was remarkable. In fact I kept looking at Bill to see if he was jealous (not).

All the speeches at the Democratic Convention have been extremely positive and have been very supportive of Hillary. What a contrast with the dark, pessimistic, and untruthful speeches of the Republicans, especially the dismal speech of Trump.
His method is to re-write history to suit his needs, and then use altered facts to illustrate failures that only he can correct.

Some recent Trump LIES:
False: Our military capability is a disaster (truth: better than ever)
False: Hillary enabled Bill in his indiscretions (really ?)
False: Under the Iran deal, money from the USA treasury was given to Iran (Truth: the money was Iran’s, having been confiscated as apart of sanctions — it could not have been used for infrastructure or other USA works).
False: We got nothing under the Iran Nuclear Deal (several provisions prevent their development of a bomb.)
False: Wisconsin unemployment rate is 20%. (Truth: 4.6% in 2015)
False: He never accused President Bush of lying about WMD’s (recorded in transcript)
False: Muslims in New Jersey celebrated in the streets the 911 attacks (no evidence at all)
False: Trump University had an “A” rating from BBB (last operational rating in 2010 was a “D”)
False: 81% of murdered white folks were attacked by black people (truth:  most murdered by other whites)
An Internet search will list many more Trump lies.  I just watched Hillary’s great acceptance speech.  Final thought:  too many balloons.