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38. Trump’s Wall

30 Jan

Donald Trump advocates the building of a giant, almost 2000mile, insurmountable wall between Mexico and the USA; to be paid for by the Mexican Government. And if they don’t pay for it, he will impose tariffs or other financial sanctions to make them sorry. For some people, I have already said enough to fill them with thoughts of ridicule and laughter, but many in authority are reluctant to take on this champion of simple and impossible solutions. But in any event, I think that “Trump’s Wall” will become a sound-bite like “Fulton’s Folly” or similar; an abbreviation for absurb policies.

Here are just a few of the many criticisms for that plan that I can think of.

Any plan to prevent illegals from entering our country (a good goal) cannot be complete or perfect. There will always be ways to circumvent any wall. You can tunnel under, fly over, go by sea, cross the Candian border, hide in a truck that legally crosses the border, create false passports, and come legally but remain past your deadline. My personal plan would be to distract the border patrol with several small drones, and then use a lightweight magnesium ladder to go over the wall. Of course, you could electrify the 2000 mile wall at only a “small” expense, and what’s a few dead animals and people accidently killed.

Apparently, we don’t care about our relationship with Mexico, so we will force them to pay for “Trump’s Folly.” And of course, their cooperation regarding drug trafficking and other vital factors will be unaffected. Maybe we should set-up a Trump law like preventing all Muslims from entering our country; and apply it to all Mexicans.

How many years would it take for our Congress to build a giant 2000 mile wall. A president could not authorize an expensive project like this. It could take two or more years for Congress to approve a budget and plan, or maybe no approval at all.

I have to include one more thought about Trump. ┬áHe says that he is the candidate that cannot be bought by other rich “contributors”; and so they cannot bribe him into supporting rich people’s goals. But please wake-up: HE IS ONE OF THEM. All you have to do is look at his written budget (available on the Internet) to see that he supports lower taxes for rich folks, like him. If you would support him because he has a long history of religious good-works, get serious. He only started quoting the bible when he began his presidential campaign.

Finally, if you talk to a Trump supporter, he/she will probably say that they don’t care about all this (above) and really want to vote for him because of his straight talk and strength. Hopefully, more than half of our population does not agree. Trying to act strong and come up with simple solutions, have gotten us into two impossible wars, practically bankrupted our country, and created a whole army of angry terrorists.