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156. Mueller Ends, Others Continue

23 Mar

Briefly, here is the situation. Wise old Mueller decided to end his investigation because it is better continued by others. He is too limited and he is actually controlled by the party under investigation. Congress and the states can now continue it under better circumstances. He knows what he is doing.

Here are the details.  The investigation of the Special Counsel was limited to election interference by Russia (and maybe others). There are many other problems with the Trump government. There is obstruction of justice, emolument (gifts from foreign govs) violations, security violations by Trump and family, possible money laundering, failure to divest his financial interests, possible tax evasion, and favoritism to a foreign power because of illicit leverage.

Many of these possible illicit aspects of  the Trump administration can be investigated by states attorneys general. The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, is one unit that will probably do the much of the investigation.  The other probes will be conducted by House of Rep. committees. An example is the House Oversight and Reform committee. All of these organizations have already been active in this matter. It may take another year or two to develop all the possible indictments and convictions.  Most vulnerable are Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner. Although it may not be possible to indict the President for any specific crimes, there may be enough evidence for impeachment. Congress will have to make the decision. I think there is already enough evidence for an impeachment, but there may be good arguments for waiting or not doing this at all. Trump nullification (see my blog) may be a better idea. The nullification would be accomplished primarily by acts of Congress, or maybe even by members of Trump’s administration. In various ways, Trump’s plans would not take effect.

I suspect that even after his formal work is finished,  Mueller will still play a role (maybe very covert) in transferring information and in other ways moving investigations forward. The irony here is that Trump said that Hillary would be under investigation for a long time even after her election. Instead, he is the one with never-ending probes. Also he said that the election would be rigged in Hillary’s favor, but in fact, it was rigged for him.