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72. Trump: Real Lost Opportunities

22 Oct
Here are some observations on the current Presidential contest — that I think are under-emphasized or ignored.  Trump has overlooked some great opportunities to endear himself to American voters and could have led to his election.
1. He could have ignored reasonable criticisms instead of dwelling on revenge.
2. The Pope said build bridges, not walls.  He could have agreed but clarified that in this specific case we need a wall to protect our citizens.  In this way everyone is pleased.
3. He could have said that he would graciously concede if he lost the election.  That would have gained more votes.
4. He could have praised the Gold Star family and their brave son.  He could have recognized the war-time bravery of John McCain.
5. He could have chosen not to use demeaning names for his opponents. It is childish and self-defeating.
6. He could have been more gracious with Republican leaders and gained their support.  He would lose some voters, but probably gain more.  This is a factor that needs very fine tuning — perhaps beyond his capabilities.
7. He could have emphasized that issues should be dealt with peacefully and through analysis and negotiation; and NOT with violence.
8. He could have eliminated all the beauty characteristics of women, which are generally offensive to them.
More difficult but significant, he could have specifically proposed raised income-taxes for very rich people.  It appears that at one time he said this, but later changed his position. This would have brought in many new supporters, but he would have lost some base and some donors.
The eight points above are obvious to a wise politician and could have been done easily. What a difference that would have made.  Democrats are celebrating.
The mistakes are so serious that one wonders about the following factors that could have affected his judgment and mental functioning, which was often erratic.  He may have some level of Alzheimer’s disease.  He brags about needing little sleep, suggesting insomnia as a factor. There could be drug factors.  A very alert and clear head are necessary for the fine-tuning required for a presidential run.
 Likely, there is a long history of being catered to, because of his power and income.  Lies or bizarre ideas are ignored or even encouraged.  An ordinary person has experiences (rewards and punishments) that encourage speaking in a more truthful, constructive and congenial way.  He is very sensitive, and even reasonable criticisms are clearly upsetting.  Being “wrong” for him is just intolerable.
At one time he promised to be more “presidential”, but could not make the change.  Maybe he calculated loss-versus-gain wrong, or doing a lot of the “nice” things was simply not satisfying.