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166. No Impeachment, Wait for Election?

28 Apr

A viewpoint of Fareed Zacharia and many Democrat leaders is to forget (or delay) impeachment and wait two years for the election. Here are the arguments for not doing impeachment (or a long delay):

Impeachment will make Trump supporters very angry.

Trump’s supporters will feel that his election was unjustly nullified.

Impeachment will lose in the Senate and we will be worse off because Trump will claim a victory.

It should be noted that the Mueller Report contains numerous details and evidence that can be used for creating articles of impeachment. Actually, even what is already in the public domain is convincing.

Now, here are the arguments  FOR  impeachment, as soon as possible.

Most important, the longer Trump is in office, the more damage he will do to the USA. Letting him wreak havoc for another two years is frightening and unacceptable.

Failure to impeach means Trump’s method of using fear is working. We can’t risk making Repubs angry? Republicans are always angry with Democrats and can’t be trusted.

Trump’s loyal “base” will be disappointed because a valid (?) election was nullified? Sorry, I cannot sympathize with gullible Trump supporters, Russian scammers who rigged the election, or unpatriotic Repub Congressmen who legislate for rich donors.

What about Democrats that will be angry and disappointed because we allow a tyrant like Trump to use fear and scams to control our country.

If we impeach, it is possible the Senate will convict. Here is why (from my recent tweet). It is very likely that many Republican Senators, secretly dislike Trump. If he reaches the cliff of Senate conviction, they may feel safe to vote against him. If Trump is convicted, he can no longer harm them. If conviction fails, do we really care what Trump says about it. He will lie no matter what happens.

Remember, it is possible that Trump will win the next election. Impeachment is another way this could be prevented.



41. Politics of Fear

7 Feb

I have to begin with a most wonderful quote, from the double (1903 and 1911) Nobel Prize winning physicist, Marie Curie:
“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
See the following for this and other great Curie quotations.

Republican candidates promote fear so that they can manipulate our thinking and voting. It is an old trick used by dictators throughout history.  Trump first builds up your fears by describing some terrorist acts committed by Muslims and then he says: vote for me because I will ban all Muslims from entering the country.  He also says love all police officers and that they have been unfairly disrespected. He totally disregards documented incidents of real police brutality (that you can see on film).  Like many complicated problems, the answer is to identify areas that are disfunctional and work on correcting them. Generally, we must provide recognition for good police work and censure for excessive brutality.  If our established methods are not working, then we must develop new measures.

How we deal with the horrible ISIS problem should not be based on hysterical fear, but by investigating their weaknesses and carefully planning their destruction.  War used to be easy. You defeated an opposing army by artillary, bombing, tanks, and infantry. Now you attack, and the enemy just scatters, only to return after you have gone. And attacks always kill innocent civilians, some of whom will become terrorists to avenge the deaths of their relatives and friends. Dealing with enemies like ISIS must take a new form involving coalitions of nations, local police, and militia; with the civilian population supporting the effort.  President Obama is using this strategy, and nothing has been proposed by Republicans to improve this process.

One more thing I need to say. I read about Marie Curie as young man and of course was impressed by her discovery of radium and other scientific facts. But in reading Marie Curie quotes and about her life in general, I am so impressed by how articulate she was, and by her great productive life. All of us should be concerned with understanding the world and trying to solve problems, rather than just hoping for spiritual miracles.  If Republicans really want to make America great, they should put more money for education in their proposed budgets. But then, GOP candidates actually fear education, because an informed and intelligent public will see through their deceptions.