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32. Who Supports Trump?

9 Dec

People describe Trump supporters in various ways, but I think I see something that most others overlook.  Here is my logic.  Above all, the supporters are conservatives, and of course, Republicans.  This identity is key to understanding them and the first thing to understand.  This rigid identification can be inherited, based on community sentiment, or simply results from a powerful fear of change.  “Liberals will take away my money, make me support poor people, take away my doctors, family life, debase my marriage, etc.  And I know all this because important people on TV (Fox) say this, and my friends believe this.”

I really did not understand this type of thinking until I moved to a very conservative neighborhood and made friends there.  I had many discussions with them but when talking about politics, I always bumped into a brick wall.

So, given this powerful conservative identity factor, the rest is easy.  These Trump supporters know that things are not going well in the Middle-East, home economics,  jobs, salaries, etc.  Even Republicans admit that the very rich are getting richer and the rest of us are stuck at a losing level.  So in order to improve things, they see the  need for new ideas and strong new leaders — and leaders that cannot be bought by the billionaires.   And who best fits the profile: Trump.  He is strong, bold, self-supporting and is willing to present ideas that satisfy at a very crude visceral level.  And given the inflexible and unshakable identity factor, it is almost impossible to change their thinking.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Independents are growing more confident as Trump continues his serious political errors.

27. Trump Can’t Be Bought?

28 Sep

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump assures us that no rich donor can influence him by financial support. Hmmm. But why would that matter, since he is already one of the very rich ones. He already has their values, perhaps to an extreme.

In case this isn’t clear, just look at his proposed tax plan. True, a few more people at the lower end will pay zero tax, but the rich folk at the top will get a big tax reduction: from almost 40% to 25%. He says he will close some tax loopholes for rich people, but is very vague about the details except for hedgefund managers (not a very substantial part of the total tax income). He also substantially reduces tax rates for businesses.  He says he will make up for tax losses by making government more efficient.  Note that managing employes is not the same as managing congressmen, who make most of the important decisions.  Why should he better than any other politicians who have made such promises.  Where are the details?  He is not the first super-rich politician.

Trump would like to separate himself from other Republican candidates, but really just has the same party line: support rich people and throw a few insignificant bones to the rest of us. As for the “simplification” of tax code it only benefits rich people. Fewer tax categories is only a very minor simplification, but does not attack the major complications of defining “income” and “deductions”. Trump’s categories favor very-rich people since they are included in a category of generally more affluent people.

Trickle-down economics, the Republican way, has never helped the non-rich — even the Pope has said that.  The Congressional Budget Office provides supporting data.  This plan is very good at the first part, making the rich richer, but somehow fails in the “trickle down” part; maybe because those who implement the plan are the rich folks. I hope voters can see through the phony platitudes about winning and being the best.  We need a very competent and intelligent leader that will make the best decisions for all of our citizens, not just for our “royalty.”