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70. Rise of Trump

14 Oct
With Trump providing inspiration, I have been looking at the history of famous tyrants like: Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, etc.  Note, that I am NOT accusing Donald Trump of being like them or anyone else. The reader can draw his/her own conclusions.
This seems to be the pattern of tyrant development.
1.  They often come to power in troubled times.  Many low-income or jobless citizens are doing poorly and are frustrated.
2.  The potential tyrant makes speeches that appeal mostly to unsuccessful people, with poor education and a tendency  towards racism and scapegoating.  One tyrant used Jewish people for scapegoating.
3.  A political party is formed, consisting of those easily swayed by simple (often violent) solutions to complex problems.
4.  They often form militias: violent groups that will intimidate and assault rivals.  One tyrant called them storm troopers (or “brown shirts”).  They were established at first as guards for party meetings.
5.  Using intimidation, emotional speeches, violent solutions, scapegoating, etc. the party gets stronger, and eventually attracts a variety of people simply wanting to jump on the bandwagon.  When the party is big enough, it can win an election, and then the tyrant can really take power.
6.  All tyrants after election purge their adversaries in any of several ways:  special prosecutors , torture, assault, murder, jailing, firing, serious demotions, and endless investigations.
Does this history relate to Mr. Trump?  Do we need a tyrant to solve our problems?  In the end, tyrants are usually defeated, but often leave a nation in shambles.  (Please see my previous blogs for more information.)