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3. Big Government for Women

23 Mar

What a great idea Conservatives have in expanding governmental control so that women are required by law to look at what is inside them before having an abortion.  To heck with freedom.

The general idea of using government to control us more, is great. Make people look at the consequences of what they are about to do. Lets have a law that says you have to watch five full hours of racing car crashes before you can drive one. Boxing is even worse. You could get hurt, but just think about your opponent. You should have to watch movies of people smashed by fists and dying of brain injuries.

Even more important than a women having to look at an ultrasound is the following. We should make all congressmen look at movies of men dying in battlefields before they are allowed to vote our country into war. A women aborting something sub-human living in her body, is only concerned about one being. A politician voting on a war, could cause the death and injury to millions.

How about a judge sentencing someone to death. We all know that many innocent people have been convicted. The government should order judges to tour the jails and see men waiting to die, before making such a decision.

But on a more serious note, why should a women have to see the consequences of what she is doing, when so many others are not forced to see the outcomes of their dangerous decisions. Women ARE citizens and should be treated with the same respect as other citizens.

I have spent many years studying neurophysiology and biology in general. A young fetus is simply the “blueprint” for something to come. It is not yet a human with feelings, regrets, cognitions, and intelligence. On the other hand, consider the woman (or sometimes young girl), a full-fledged human being, who has to suffer nine months of a pregnancy that may have been the result of a rape, an unfortunate accident, or other serious factor.  Her real life is more important than that of a potential life.